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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First post-Dexcom HbA1c

I saw my endocrinologist yesterday. Context: I was nervous because for the past 3 weeks I have had major struggles with my blood sugars. In addition to wacky insulin resistance, I am really hating the fact that I don't get repeated alerts if my sugars stay above the high threshold. The other night before I went to bed I was 158. I took a correction and went to sleep. I woke up 8 hours later and discovered I had spent most of the night hovering around 300. Since the correction bolus had not brought my sugars below the 140 threshold, I was not alerted when they continued to rise. I've had a few other nights with similar problems, but that was the worst.

I have also been on the fence about whether to continue using the Dexcom system. On the whole I like it, but honestly I'm not sure it's worth $240 each month. I know for some people it is working great and totally worth it, but for me I'm still undecided. I don't know what my standard deviations were before starting the Dexcom, so it's hard for me to tell if I'm reducing my overall variation.

Back to the endo visit: At the office I was expecting a high A1c. My last reading, about a month and a half before I started the CGM, was 6.4%. Imagine my shock when the A1c came back at 6.1%! I was so surprised I asked if their machine might have been wrong. The tech assured me it was accurate, so something is going right, the last three weeks notwithstanding.

Conclusion: I'll stick with it for now and see if I can go under 6.0 next time.


Bernard said...

Woot! Good for you.

Have you started using the graphs at all? The hourly distribution graph was explained to me some yesterday. And wow, it's informative. It even shows when I'm doing too much evening snacking! Ooops, I've been caught.

SexyDexy said...

I haven't used the hourly distribution graphs much yet. Funny you mention it now, because I was just thinking earlier today that I'd like to see where I'm getting the most variation. Unfortunately, I lost the upload cable (really, it was just a matter of time), and it doesn't look like I'll get a replacement until next week. Until then, I can keep on snacking. ;)

Bernard said...


Did you know that Dexcom now has someone who'll do the insurance paperwork for you? They won't do all the appeals, but it's a small step in the right direction.

mollie said...

My first post CGM a1c was 6.0---improved from 6.6--- which feels fantastic...but i still ping pong all over the place...i think mainly i am low more and high less...still seem to be able to hit 250 3-4 times a week...but i dont stay up there for long. So that is good. I am ready for insurance to give a little -
I just got my Seven and man, $240 for 4 is ALOT more than $175 for 5---especially when i was getting 8 days out of the 3 day sensors.

on a side note, i had been feeling great about the insurance people at Dexcom, but Tania dropped the ball and didnt send requested info in and my claim got denied, so now we have to start over.