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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Obtaining insurance approval

Today I finally started the process of getting my insurance to pay for this thing. My current insurance is a Uniform Preferred Provider plan, which I get through my job at the University of Washington. They have historically been great about approving requests quickly. Cross your fingers for me.

The Dexcom insurance submission goes as follows:
1) Contact the woman who is in charge of obtaining insurance coverage for Dexcom customers.
2) Fax this woman a copy of my insurance card; subscriber's name, employer, and date of birth; my relationship to the subscriber, and my name/employer/date of birth
3) That is as far as I have gotten. Presumably this nice woman at Dexcom will submit the request to my insurance, at which point they will cover it in full. Hey a girl can dream...

I'll update this post as soon as I have something to report.

If you are a CGMS user who has obtained insurance coverage, please comment to this post and share your story. Heck, even comment if you tried and were denied.


Bernard said...


Let me know how you managed to get hold of this woman. I've left 2 voice mail messages for her over the last week and there's been no reply.

I think she's a figment of Dexcom's imagination. :-)

mollie said...

i have 2 email addresses for insurance SME's at Dexcom - (Subject Matter Experts) - i get good reply from Tania(apprentice) - it appears Mildred Romero is the Master Expert and bombarded with the apprentice questions---good luck to both of you...i am in the phase of insurance needing a better description of what Dex is.

SexyDexy said...

I've been working with Mil Romero. She does take quite a while to return calls, but then so do I, so I haven't been upset about it. I faxed her certain insurance information and she is supposedly working on the submission now. I can tell you what information she wanted and give you her secure fax number if you would like that.

David bone said...

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